Acoustic rolls are primarily used in floors, walls and also partition walls. The purpose of the use of acoustic roll is to reduce noise pollution. This is achieved by minimising impact vibrations as well as airborne vibrations. Get our best price on acoustic rolls when you shop online at Trade Insulations. We stock the best acoustic roll brands such as Superglass, Isover and Knauf.

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Acoustic Insulation Roll
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100mm Knauf Acoustic Roll – (2x 600mm) – 12.36m2 roll

£55.50 ex VAT
Acoustic Insulation Roll
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Knauf 25mm Acoustic Roll (2x600mm) – 26.64m2 roll

£42.99 ex VAT
Acoustic Insulation Roll
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Knauf 50mm Acoustic Roll (2x600mm) – 16.2m2 roll

£41.99 ex VAT
Acoustic Insulation Roll
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Knauf 75mm Acoustic Roll (2x600mm) – 17.4m2 roll

£61.99 ex VAT

Acoustic Insulation Roll

Acoustic insulation rolls (or simply acoustic rolls) are used to insulate a building whilst reducing noise pollution. Typically acoustic rolls will be made from a glass or mineral wool, which has excellent soundproofing qualities. Acoustic roll can help a building conform to current building regulations. It does this by limiting noise transfer between rooms or external walls. If you are unsure which acoustic roll you need, get in touch with us and one of our friendly team can help assist you.

Cheap Acoustic Rolls

At Trade Insulations, we believe in offering top brands at trade prices. We take pride in being able to supply the nation with cheap acoustic rolls. When you shop with us online, you get our very best price on acoustic rolls. We stock industry-leading brands of acoustic insulation rolls. These brands include Isover and Knauf. In addition to this, we offer nationwide delivery and great lead times on our products. You can check the lead times of each individual product by viewing the product pages. If you need any help ordering on our website, feel free to get in touch with us. Our friendly team are happy to assist you. Did you know that we now offer PayPal Pay In 3? This allows you to spread the cost across 3 payments. We also offer free delivery on larger orders.

What is the most popular acoustic roll product?

Knauf Acoustic Roll is our most popular acoustic roll product that we sell. This is because Knauf is an industry-leading and recognised insulation brand. Knauf acoustic rolls are available in a variety of thicknesses, which can be easily split as per requirements. The product features superior sound absorption properties, which makes it even more desirable. Alternatively, brands such as Isover or Superglass are also very much in demand and boast excellent performance. Isover Acoustic Rolls are quick and easy to install. In addition to this, they are manufactured with recycled glass. This makes it a great sustainable choice. Furthermore, Isover APR rolls feature Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Where can acoustic rolls be installed?

Acoustic rolls are a great choice due to their ease of installation. It can be easily cut for purpose and installed in a variety of applications. This includes partitions, walls and even floors. Knauf Acoustic Rolls are suitable for friction fitting between timber battens and studs. Superglass APR rolls are specially designed to provide both thermal and acoustic insulation when used in timber and metal stud partitions and also drylining systems. They also are commonly used in internal separating walls and floors. Isover RD Party Wall Roll is used to reduce the passage of sound across a masonry party wall.

Are acoustic rolls non combustible?

A lot of acoustic rolls on the market are made from either mineral wool or glass wool, which are non-combustible. Knauf Acoustic Insulation Rolls are non-combustible and boast the best possible reaction to fire classification (Euroclass A1). The same classification also applies to Isover Acoustic Partition Rolls. Using acoustic rolls can help reduce the spread of fire. Mineral wool has great fire-resistant qualities, however, you should always check on a per-product basis for detailed specifications. If you have any further questions about any of our acoustic rolls, then please contact us.

How should acoustic roll be stored?

Acoustic roll is lightweight and can be easily stored. If you are ordering a bulk load of acoustic rolls then you would need to know the correct way to store them. Acoustic rolls should ideally be stored indoors. If this is not possible, then they should be stored under a cover to protect them from harsh weather conditions. We do not advise leaving acoustic insulation rolls exposed to the elements for long term storage. This can reduce the quality of the product itself and potentially alter the protective properties.

Does acoustic roll encourage growth of mould?

Acoustic Insulation Rolls such as Knauf Acoustic Rolls do not encourage the growth of mould, bacteria or fungi. In addition to this, it does not sustain vermin. The product itself is rot proof and odourless. It is also non-hygroscopic, which means that it does not readily take up or retain moisture. This means it is not a suitable home for bacteria, mould, vermin or fungi.

What is the difference between mineral wool and glass wool?

Glass wool is also known as fibreglass insulation. It is called fibreglass because it is actually made from glass fibres. Heated glass is spun quickly to create the fibres, which are then bound together. The bound fibres create air pockets that act as barriers to prevent heat loss. Mineral wool is made from a variety of raw materials such as stone and glass. These materials are heated and spun into fibres, which are bound to create a consistency similar to wool. Mineral wool is often picked over fibreglass for sound insulation as it is much denser than glass wool. The higher density means that less sound is able to travel through the material.

What sizes of acoustic rolls are there?

Acoustic rolls come in many sizes. They are also available in a variety of thicknesses. Knauf Acoustic Rolls can be purchased in thicknesses of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. In addition to this, acoustic rolls are easy to cut into the size required for the project.